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Permissioned Blockchains

Learn how permissioned/private blockchains came into existence and how they are different from public blockchains. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of permissioned/private blockchains and identify which is the best fit for your particular use case.
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Smart Contract Programming

Smart contracts are the means for efficient and transparent systems. In this course, you’ll learn about smart contract programming and how to design, code, deploy and execute a smart contract, as well as how to implement conditions, rules, and policies.
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Blockchain Advanced Concepts

This course will help you understand blockchain beyond Bitcoin and Altcoins. You’ll hear about use cases across industries, current regulations, and other facts to become an expert blockchain consultant.
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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Here you'll find basic and advanced courses to get an understanding as well as to dive deeper.
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PMP Bootcamp

This training will provide you with 35 contact hours which is a pre-requisite for applying to PMI-PMP certification exam. Also, we will help you in establishing your understanding of all the fundamental concepts, processes, and procedures necessary to make you an effective project manager.
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Blockchain Fundamentals

Learn about how blockchain technology works, including cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin & Altcoins. This course will bring you closer to appreciate this technology so that once you finish this course, you'll be able to make sense why this technology was invented and how it is shaping up to disrupt existing industries and how can you add value to this transformation.
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